June 18, 2010

The solar system is a fascinating place!  And one of the most intriguing things about our system are the moons!   People often forget about the moons and focus entirely on the planets, not realizing how complex these worlds really are.  Many of these moons are even bigger than planets!

Here are some of my favorite moons 😀

1.)  Enceladus

Enceladus is a very small icy moon of Saturn.  It is a beautiful white moon with blue streaks.  It’s also one of the most likely places to harbor life.  I’m usually partial to Jupiter’s moons but this is the exception 😀

2. Callisto

Callisto is Jupiter’s 2nd largest moon.  It is also the farthest from the planet out of all the large moons.  It is a dark, heavily cratered moon.  The white sparkly spots are most likely white ice beneath the  planets surface.  It is relatively the size of Mercury.  I must admit I’m a bit biased because I’ve had many dreams of this moon.

3. Io

Io is Jupiter’s closest large moon, and the most active thing in the solar system.  Io’s is constantly turning itself inside-out, meaning it’s surface is constantly changing appearance.  The most intriguing thing about this planet are its volcanoes which can be seen erupting on the other side.

4. Europa

Europa is Jupiter’s second closest moon, slightly smaller than our own moon.  Europa barely has any craters, and has an extremely smooth icy surface.  This is also one of the most likely places to harbor life.

5. Titan

Titan is Saturn’s largest moon and the second largest moon in the solar system.  It is even bigger than Mercury.  The most interesting thing about Titan is it’s atmosphere. It the only moon with such an extreme atmosphere that hides the planets surface.  Because if this it is one of the the most mysterious moons in our solar system.

6. Ganymede

Ganymede is Jupiter’s and the Solar system’s largest moon.  It’s makeup is very similar to Callisto’s, but shows surface traits similar to Europa. This is another very likely place for life.

7. Luna

How can you not love our very own moon?  Despite being attached to one of the smallest planets (Earth), it is actually one of the biggest moons!  We know so much about our moon, we even visited it! Having such a large moon so close to us really is a marvel!

7. Triton 

Triton is Neptune’s largest moon and has one of the most complex surfaces.  Its blue hue truly gives it the watery feeling of it’s name, through there hasn’t been any evidence of it having any water.

8. Mimas

Mimas is one of Saturns smaller moons, even smaller than Enceladus.  But that giant crater on its surface makes it so interesting!

9. Titania

Titania is Uranus’s largest moon.  The most interesting thing about it is that it is in fact Uranus’s moon, meaning it is rotating at a 90 degree angle.  This also means only one side of the planet ever sees sunlight.

10. Hyperion

Another small moon of Saturn. The deep craters make it look like a sponge.  Just imagine a giant sponge floating in the night sky…

Well I hope you find this as entertaining as me 😀 I get absolutely gitty when it comes to the moons!


One comment

  1. lol I thought you left your blog to rot XD
    I love moons because I live with you D:

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