Oh my….

July 27, 2010

I Just realized all the stuff I have to do in the next 2 months…..

I’m going to write it down before I go crazy thinking about it…

First thing’s first!!

-Tone 6 pages and draw and color cover by august 11

-Go to Otakon!!!

-Move into new appartment august 3rd

-Get merchandise ready for NDK and NYAF (which includes)

———–first issue of our magazine (possibly 2nd)

———–Computer playing Reila and Caelum

———–Flyers for first and second issue of magazine


———–mini comic of whale reaper (draw and color cover)

———–flyers for Reila and Caelum

———–Business cards!!

-Go to NDK on sept 10-12, and then NYAF  oct 8-10

-School at SAE starts sept 27

Oh my I guess that pretty much covers it!!

TT___TT Ok before I start spinning in circles I need to get my priorities straight

-Tone what you can of Jupitan

-Try to draw cover


Alright! Go do those things!! Go do them now!!



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